António Frias Martins

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Born in Água d’Alto, São Miguel, Açores (1946). PhD in Biological Sciences (1985), University of Rhode Island (USA). Emeritus Professor of the University of the Azores. Specialized in Systematics of Ellobiidae and Evolution of Azorean terrestrial Gastropoda. Organized the World Congress of Malacology (2013), international workshops for malacological research as well as congresses dealing with science and conservation of the Azorean natural legacy. President of Unitas Malacologica – World Association of Malacology (2010-2013). President of Sociedade Afonso Chaves (scientific and cultural society) and editor of its bulletin Açoreana. Published over one hundred articles in national and international journals, author/co-author of Coastal Ecology of the Açores, Islands of Blue and Green and The Princess’ Ring, as well as the TV documentary Misty Islands. Awarded the accolades of “Comendador da Ordem de Instrução Pública” (Presidency of the Republic) and the “Municipal Gold Medal and Honorary Citizenship of Vila Franca do Campo” (Town Council).



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Mollusca, Taxonomy, terrestrial, marine, Azores

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