Kees (C.J.P.J.) Margry and Ingrid (I.A.M.) Margry-Moonen

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Kees and Ingrid Margry have been researching terrestrial molluscs on La Gomera since 2015. Originally, their interest was focused on Vitrinidae, but because they noticed during the fieldwork that there was a lot of uncertainty about recognizing the other species, they decided to make a book with information and photos about all non-marine species of snails, slugs, and bivalves from La Gomera. Kees is Drs. biologist and former docent at vocational education for Environmental and Nature Research. Next to this, he is an independent researcher. In addition to fieldwork, Ingrid mainly focuses on macro photography.


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Mollusca; Canary islands

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Gomera (Canary Islands)