Simone Fattorini

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Simone Fattorini is an ecologist and a zoologist with broad interests, involving insect biogeography, ecology and conservation in island, coastal and urban ecosystems. He is also interested in the study of vertebrate and invertebrate macroecological patterns.

He has published 110 papers (45 as a single author) in ISI journals with a total impact factor (2016 scores) of 276.373 and 73 papers in other journals or as book chapters. He is associated editor of the Journal of Biogeography.

His current research projects include: 1) Identification of priority areas for invertebrate conservation; 2) Analysis of ecological and paleogeographical factors determining faunal patterns on islands; 3) Factors responsible for animal community organization and evolutionary dynamics at microsite scale; 4) Analysis of large scale biodiversity patterns of terrestrial and marine animals; 5) Evolutionary biology of parasitism.


Department of Life, Health & Environmental Sciences

University of L'Aquila

Via Vetoio - Coppito
67100 L'Aquila



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