Tania Bird

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Tania is an ecologist and conservation practitioner based on Príncipe Island, working for Fauna & Flora International to support the local NGO, Fundação Príncipe in their terrestrial conservation projects. She is focused on the terrestrial fauna of the island, including the ongoing monitoring of the Obô snail (Archachatina bicarinata), and other invertebrates. She is an IUCN Red List Trainer and previously led the National Red List process for the terrestrial Invertebrates of Israel.

Her PhD focused on impact of shrub encroachment on diversity and community composition of beetles in coastal sand dunes, and her BSc thesis focused on the impact of Eucalyptus plantations on ground-dwelling insect communities in Atlantic forest of Brazil. Her current interests are survey methods and multivariate analyses for monitoring long term biodiversity trends, and the use of invertebrates as indicators of tropical forest health.


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LTER; biodiversity; multivariate

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São Tomé & Princípe

Arthropods (Beetles); Mollusca

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São Tomé & Princípe