Yeray Monasterio León

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My work is focused on the Spanish butterflies and moths study, conservation and divulgation as board member of the butterflies and moths conservation NGO in Spain (ZERYNTHIA association). I am interested in anything related with lepidóptera (biology, distribution, taxonomy, ecology, genetics…). I have published several scientific and informative publications about Spanish butterflies and moths. I also coordinate monitoring programs for butterflies and moths, including the one started in Tenerife in 2017, which is the first long-therm study about butterflies in the Macaronesia. I was born in the Canary Islands, and that has originated in me a link and special interest with their nature in general and with their butterflies in particular


C/ Madre de Dios, nº14-7ºD. Logroño, La Rioja. Spain.


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butterflies, moths, conservation, citizen science, taxonomy Evolutionary biology, molecular systematics, community ecology, conservation

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Canary Islands

Lepidoptera, butterflies and moths

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