Yurena Yanes

Back • Senior Research Scientist

Yurena is an invertebrate paleontologist specializing on land snails, a group of organisms that is currently threatened by human impacts at global scale. She studies fossil, archeological and modern snail shells to examine the response of organisms to environmental and human stressors, with the ultimate goal to help preserve terrestrial malacofaunas. Her research has concentrated on Macaronesian archipelagos, The Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula, NW Africa and North America. To investigate land snails, Yurena integrates data and techniques from multiple disciplines including isotope geochemistry, taphonomy, paleoecology, Quaternary geochronology, archeology and the emerging field of conservation paleobiology.


Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati

608 – Geology Physics Building

Cincinnati, Ohio, 45221  (USA)


+1 513-307-6777


Web References:

Mollusca, Land snails, Paleontology, Fossil, Macaronesia

Relevant Island Knowledge:
Canary islands; Madeira


Geographic Location:
Cincinnati, USA