IUCN -SSC-Chair’s Citation of Excellence Award for 2020

Sábado, 18 de Dezembro de 2021

IUCN through its Species Survival Commission (SSC) has awarded the SSC-Chair's Citation of Excellence Award to the SSC ATLANTIC ISLAND INVERTEBRATES SPECIALIST GROUP group led by Paulo A.V. Borges and Vicky Wilkins having as “Red List Authority”  Dinarte Teixeira.


This award was given to all groups that met above-average the IUCN – SSC objectives in the year of 2020.

SSC MID-ATLANTIC ISLAND INVERTEBRATES SPECIALIST GROUP has evaluated over 300 Red Arthropod and Mollusk species from the Macaronesian and South Atlantic Islands during the Red List, has published several scientific articles and participated in various conservation planning and active conservation.

The group is also participating in several LIFE projects in Azores, namely the LIFE BEETLES https://www.lifebeetlesazores.com/en/



Did you know?

How many endemic species of arthropods are in Azores?

There are about 250 arthropod species and subespecies endemic to Azores. See also http://sea-entomologia.org/IDE@/revista_5B.pdf 

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