BackDisculella compar (R.T. Lowe, 1831)

Disculella compar (R.T. Lowe, 1831)

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum:
  • Class: Mollusca
  • Order: Gastropoda
  • Family: Hygromiidae
NT Near Treatened
IUCN Red List Status:

Countries of Occurrence:
Portugal - Madeira


Seddon, M.B.

Cameron, R., Groh, K., Cuttelod, A. & Neubert, E.


Facilitators / Compilers/s:

Assessment Rationale:

The species has an area of occupancy of under 75 km2, and has been recorded at around seven sites along an area of the coast that is under pressure from a building development for residential use and tourism. The species qualifies as Vulnerable B2, based on the continued decline of habitat in the region, the threats and the small range, however the rate of decline and the tolerance to disturbance suggest that the species should be listed as Near Threatened (NT), although if some protected habitats were established, then the species could be downlisted to Least Concern.

Geographic Range:

This species is endemic to the Madeiran archipelago, where it is restricted to a small area on the southern coastal slopes between Funchal and Ribeira Brava on Madeira.

Portugal - Madeira
Extent of Occurrence (EOO):
Area of Occupancy (AOO):
75 (km2)
Elevation Lower Limit:
Elevation Upper Limit:
Biogeographic Realms:
Endemic Madeira


The populations seem to be able to tolerate some disturbance.

Habitat and Ecology

This species is found co-existing with Disculella madeirensis on the underside of stones and in litter at the base of crags. It is often present in disturbed habitats around walls and on roadsides.

Major Threat(s):

This region of the coast is under pressure from a building development for residential use and tourism as well as access roads.

Conservation Actions

There are no known conservation actions in place for this species, but habitat monitoring is recommended in order to establish potential changes to the populations.