BackDisculella madeirensis (Wood, 1828)

Disculella madeirensis (Wood, 1828)

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum:
  • Class: Mollusca
  • Order: Gastropoda
  • Family: Hygromiidae
LC Least Concern
IUCN Red List Status:

Countries of Occurrence:
Portugal - Madeira


Seddon, M.B.

Cameron, R., Groh, K., Cuttelod, A. & Neubert, E.


Facilitators / Compilers/s:

Assessment Rationale:

The species was originally assessed as Rare in the earlier Red Lists (1994), as it had a small area of occupancy, however detailed surveys in the 1980's showed that it was present in suitable habitats along the south coast of Madeira, and hence it was revised to Least Concern in subsequent revisions of the Red List categories and criteria (1996, 2000). It is now listed as Least Concern (LC).
The subspecies Disculella madeirensis madeirensis was considered by Seddon (2008) to be Least Concern (version 3.1) as it has an area of occupancy of c. 60 km2, but is known at over 16 sites along the coast. It is considered not to be threatened at present due to its presence in disturbed and undisturbed habitats of habitats, along the area of souther coast.
The subspecies Disculella madeirensis taeniata (Webb & Berthelot, 1833) is considered by Seddon (2008) to be Near Threatened (version 3.1) as it has an area of occupancy of c. 28 km2, and is known at over 9 sites along the coast, in a region that is less developed. It is considered not to be threatened at present due to the lack of decline in quality of habitat, however as it is more restricted it should be reviewed periodically in the event of development along the coast.

Geographic Range:

This species is endemic to the Madeiran islands; it is only known from Madeira, where it is widespread especially on the southern side at low elevations (Seddon 2008). The subspecies D. m. taienata is only known from the western region north of Ponto da Pargo to Paul do Mar (Seddon 2008).

Portugal - Madeira
Extent of Occurrence (EOO):
Area of Occupancy (AOO):
Elevation Lower Limit:
Elevation Upper Limit:
Biogeographic Realms:
Endemic Madeira


There is no detailed information on population trends, however the populations are believed to be stable.

Habitat and Ecology

This species is present in grassland, scrub and partly disturbed habitats, it is found on the underside of stones, on scree slopes and at the base of crags.

Major Threat(s):

It is considered not to be threatened at present, but should be reviewed periodically in the event of loss of habitat due to residential, agricultural and industrial development along the coast.

Conservation Actions

There are no conservation actions known specifically for this species and none considered necessary.