BackLeiostyla sphinctostoma (Lowe, 1831)

Leiostyla sphinctostoma (Lowe, 1831)

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum:
  • Class: Mollusca
  • Order: Gastropoda
  • Family: Lauriidae
LC Least Concern
IUCN Red List Status:

Countries of Occurrence:
Portugal - Madeira


Seddon, M.B.

Cameron, R., Groh, K., Cuttelod, A. & Neubert, E.


Facilitators / Compilers/s:

Assessment Rationale:

The species is widespread in many of the valleys on central Madeira. Our surveys show at least 26 sites over an area of occupancy of c. 120 km2 Some sites may have been impacted by the forest fires in August 2010, however the wider range in Madeira means this taxa should be able to recolonise suitable habitats once revegetated. It is therefore assessed as Least Concern (LC).

Geographic Range:

This species is endemic to the Madeiran islands; it is only found on Madeira, where it is widespread at intermediate elevations. It is known at more than 26 sites on mainland Madeira and likely to be high in the inaccessible valleys.

Portugal - Madeira
Extent of Occurrence (EOO):
Area of Occupancy (AOO):
120 (km2)
Elevation Lower Limit:
Elevation Upper Limit:
Biogeographic Realms:
Endemic Madeira


Population trends are not known, however believed to be stable.

Habitat and Ecology

This species is usually found on crags, varying from shaded to unshaded habitats.

Major Threat(s):

The species is only locally threatened, for example, some sites may have been impacted by the forest fires in August 2010. In general, most sites lie in protected areas or within inaccessible valleys on the high cliffs, and so the threats are likely to be minimal.

Conservation Actions

Sites that are impacted by fire should be revegetated as soon as possible after the events, as this will minimise soil erosion which would impact this species. This species was not listed in 1983 (Wells et al. 1984), and reviewed again in 1990 and not thought to be threatened (Wells and Chatfield 1992).