BackPrinerigone pigra Blackwall, 1862

Prinerigone pigra Blackwall, 1862

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Class: Arachnida
  • Order: Araneae
  • Family: Linyphiidae
DD Data Deficient
IUCN Red List Status:

Countries of Occurrence:
Portugal - Madeira


Henriques, S. & Russell, N.


Facilitators / Compilers/s:

Assessment Rationale:

Prinerigone pigra seems to be restricted to high-altitude forest (above 600 m) in Madeira Island (Portugal), but is only known from three collection sites. This species has a restricted geographic range with a maximum estimated extent of occurrence (EOO) and area of occupancy (AOO) of 872 km². Due to the lack of information on its distribution, ecology and possible threats, this species is assessed as Data Deficient (DD). More research is needed in order to assess its extinction risk.

Geographic Range:

Prinerigone pigra seems to be restricted to high-altitude forest (above 600 m) in Madeira Island, Portugal. Only three collection sites have ever been recorded for this species, mostly from laurisilva forest (Blackwall 1862, Schenkel 1938, Wunderlich 1995). It was possible to perform species distribution modelling to predict its potential range with confidence limits, although it must be carefully considered due to the low number of samples (Cardoso et al. 2017). The extent of occurrence (EOO) is estimated to be between 52-872 km² and the area of occupancy (AOO) to be between 16-872 km².

Portugal - Madeira
Extent of Occurrence (EOO):
52-872,456 (km2)
Area of Occupancy (AOO):
16-872,456 (km2)
Elevation Lower Limit:
600 (m)
Elevation Upper Limit:
1850 (m)
Biogeographic Realms:
Endemic Madeira


No population size estimates exist. There are no recent collections of the species. It does not seem to be common given the scarce number of records, but it is impossible to infer on the current trend.

Habitat and Ecology

The species seems to be mostly found in high-altitude laurisilva forest but possibly also in other habitats above 600 m. The ecology is unknown, but sister taxa such as Prinerigone vagans (Audouin, 1826) are sheet-web weavers at ground and low vegetation levels.

Major Threat(s):

The threats to this species are unknown.

Conservation Actions

No specific conservation measures are in place for this species, but part of the range is inside the Madeira Natural Park. Basic information is needed on its distribution, ecology and possible threats.